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Translation is at the core of Vling’s activities. We live and breathe it, and dream about it at the end of a tough day (yes, we are hardcore translators). We want to offer our clients a quality and professional translation service. We want to give them peace of mind; once they submit their document, they can focus on their own work and leave the rest up to us..

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4 tips to help the translation process

26 Nov 2015 | Published by Véronique

Some might think that you need only send a document to a translator and the rest will take care of itself. While this is generally true, issues may arise that can delay the process for you as well as your translator or translation service. This article outlines four tips to facilitate the translation process for everyone, from the moment you decide the document needs to be translated to the moment you receive the translation. 1. Send an editable version of the document When your translator cannot work directly in the document to translate, frustration can ensure for everyone, particularly if...
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